Green buildings, as expected, have a less negative impact on the environment than mainstream structures. A majority of a green building’s interior spaces have natural lighting and outdoor views. Therefore, the window square footage to be covered with shading systems increases dramatically. Consequently, so too has the exposure to materials containing pollutants and allergens. To counter this issue, we offer a wide selection of PVC-free, recyclable ecoTex sunscreen fabrics: the latest evolution in green fabric production, made from 100% PES polyester yarn. These unique materials maintain the highest standards of flame resistance, durability, thermal performance and clean indoor air quality. We are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 compliant; we have the option to use textiles tested for harmful substances, that are free of pollutants, allergens and halogens.


On average, a human draws more than 17,000 breaths per day. Consider this, Canadians spend close to 90% of their time indoors. The health of a building is directly connected to the health of its users. Sick Building Syndrome describes health conditions associated with the interior environmental quality of an individual’s workplace or residence. Symptoms can include irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, skin irritation or odour and taste sensations. In contrast to the above scenario, a healthy building is a green, sustainable building.

Our own research shows that more than 55% of shading fabrics currently being specified by expert consultants such as interior designers, architects and developers for future projects still contain the combination of PVC and Fiberglass. Yet, there is a healthy alternative. At SPG, we offer eco-certified textiles, made from 100% PES polyester yarn: the latest evolution in green fabric production, free of pollutants, allergens and halogens.

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