Every building concept begins with an architect. We believe, and many of you would agree that shading systems planning and the building blueprint should be done at the same time – as one integrated entity. A truly seamless amalgamation is achieved, when the shading systems either further enhance the building or, au contraire, blend in with the structure, forming a holistic architectonic experience: window surfaces morphing into planes and haptic membranes, offering, on command, various degrees of lucency and transparency.

Early consultation is encouraged. Let’s team up and develop the ultimate solution. The best work we have done to date was based on mutual trust and collaboration.


Most of the time, a developer’s life is about math. Every tiny cost difference counts because the volume may add up and make a substantial impact on the final cost of a project. Shading solutions are no exception. So, let’s team up and solve all those issues in one stroke. Firstly! Let’s remove complexity by choosing a unified shading solution from SPG. That is one efficient way to combine wholesale consistency with economy of scale. Next step! Consider sharing some of the shading cost with future tenants. It is a win-win proposition. It will turn out to be a convenience for them: they don’t have to worry…everything is taken care off. Potentially, for a small upcharge, offer upgrades to a motorized solution. And, as icing on the cake, you’ll make the architect happy. Un-unified shading treatment usually destroys the exterior esthetics of the building, as well as its value.


Typically, in-house designers have the advantage of having a tight working relationship with the project’s architect. Quite an advantage, when fundamental decisions have to be made. Moreover, they have more bandwidth to follow up on the latest advances in the shading and daylighting industry. We can assist you. Anytime you need to solve a problem, give us a call, we are more than ready to give you a helping hand.

Independent designers are usually called in after the fact; when the building is already in final stages of construction or is already finished, or if it is a renovation project. Here, the designer is facing quite a challenge, negotiating the discourse between the design of an existing structure and the aesthetic lifestyle preferences of a client. Here, we are facing a stack of typical demands and discussion points: cost, lucency, privacy, energy economics, esthetics, health, etc. Independent designers have a lot to juggle. Needless to say, shading technology and substrate options are evolving at a dizzying speed. It is hard to keep up. Again, we can help. Present your objectives to us and we will respond with viable options.


Cost, cost, cost…and unpredictable issues. In our view, general contractors (GC’s) are, with no exception, in a very difficult position. A GC has to see the “Big Picture”. Forge a plan of a plan, select the most suitable and reliable subcontractors. As we mentioned initially, unpredictability is the GC’s worst enemy: it means uncertainty, and that leads to risk mitigation. Hence, a trusted subcontractor is a GC’s most valuable asset. Don’t hesitate to give us a call!

In the case of shading technology, a lot depends on the quality of specifications. The hazier the specs, the more room for subjective interpretations. Let us support you. Uncertainty in combination with arm’s distance from the end user, by default, pressures GC’s, understandably, into less expensive choices…just to be safe. Thus, the initial vision may deteriorate quite rapidly. To ensure the integrity of the initial plan, an early consultation with SPG is recommended. Give us a call.

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