Sunprotection Group Inc. is a Canadian company, aspiring to become the benchmark North American manufacturing enterprise for architectural shading and daylighting systems. Our goal, in collaboration with our international partners, is to provide the most advanced, world-class technology and expertise for both interior and exterior applications to architects, developers, designers and contractors. In addition, we will inform and educate the public, media and governments about the latest industry advances and opportunities in order to accelerate the transition to the next level of comfort, efficiency and sustainability in commercial and residential settings.


We envision a future of ultimate balance between a building’s energy performance and the visual and thermal comfort of its occupants: an integrated win-win solution. We decided to push the limits of technology. We are committed to zero tolerance for substrate toxicity. We believe we can substantially reduce a building’s energy footprint by taking energy-saving solutions to the next level. We have the passion, resolve and the technology to design, manufacture and deliver more advanced, healthier and more sustainable shading systems for the world of the future. And, first and foremost, we believe in teaming up with you, industry professionals, to ignite a new era to drive the North American shading and daylighting revolution.


Since the late 80s, inspired by new and progressive developments in Europe, Enrico Nardone was instrumental in an industry-wide shift to integrated, green and technologically advanced shading solutions in North America. As co-founder and President of SunProject for over 30 years, he directly helped fuel the industry-wide transition to roller shades within the architectural commercial market.

By founding the Sunprotection Group, Enrico’s made the next logical step in his lifelong quest in introducing the latest state-of-the-art technology and groundbreaking innovation to Canada and the US. Leveraging long-term relationships with leading European designers and manufacturers, the company is able to access and share an unprecedented wealth of know-how, technologies, manufacturing expertise and synergies. As a result, the Sunprotection Group is able to offer unique, technologically superior systems, innovative, toxic-free fabrics, and custom engineered solutions to the North American architectural shading and sun protection industry.

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